Productivity and Guilt

As I sit at the Victorian window of Kate’s family home in North London, I’m effectively on holiday for the next month. In a normal person’s mind, there is nothing inherently negative about… Continue reading

Getting Stuck in a Place

I’ve been in China for nearly 2 years now. Holy shit. If you had told me a year before I came here, “Hey Seth, you’re going to live in a really obscure, cold-as-balls… Continue reading

Kate Goes to the Dentist

This story is an oldie but a goldie. A bit of time has passed since then, but it was a very shitty situation and still warrants telling. So, I present to you – from… Continue reading

A Brief Guide to Heilongjiang, Part 2

Travel between Harbin and Daqing will convince most waiguoren that most of Heilongjiang is the real life version of The Dead Marshes from Lord of the Rings. Let’s try to ignore how close… Continue reading

A Brief Guide to Heilongjiang, Part 1

If you’re planning a trip to Heilongjiang province, first, why? Next, welcome to Dongbei. Third, good luck finding decent information. This isn’t exactly one of the most sought after destinations in the world,… Continue reading

Daqing: Oil City

“In Industry, learn from Daqing.” Such was Mao Zedong’s proclamation in the 1960’s as part of his Supreme Directive. With one look around the city, it’s easy to see why this otherwise inconsequential,… Continue reading

A Comprehensive Guide to Chinese Booze

I work about 23 hours during an average week; basically half of what I’d be doing in America. That’s a lot of free time to fill. What to do? Obviously, explore the cultural… Continue reading

Crawling Out of a Productivity Slump

I rest my hands on the keyboard. I take them away again. I type a sentence. I delete it. I change what I’m listening to on Spotify. I browse reddit for ten minutes.… Continue reading

He’s Got Mad Guanxi

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Heard that before? This little proverb of networking has been thrown at me several times throughout my life, but never have I thought about… Continue reading