An Evening in the ‘Qing, Part I

After several epic rants, some people have been perfectly justified in asking why would I have ever come back to China. And perhaps the more important question is, “Why Daqing?” It’s a small… Continue reading

My Minimalist Apartment

Some of you might remember a video I made a while back of my apartment here in China. Well, the place ended up having a lot of problems despite initially blowing our expectations… Continue reading

America After China

I feel like a dog on crack that can hear a car fast approaching in the distance. About 15 hours into the flight, they finally announce the descent into JFK. Wild by Cheryl… Continue reading

7 Zen Apps I Use

Life is complicated. There’s a lot of shit we need to take care of on a daily bases, and sometimes it’s enough to make me consider drinking baijiu. But it doesn’t have to… Continue reading

Bad China Days: Stranded in Xi’an

By now, most of you probably realize that bitching about life in China is a personal past time of mine. I do it like it’s an Olympic sport, except I don’t have to… Continue reading

A Grand Qinghai Adventure

In case you were wondering, I’m alive. Things I learned in Qinghai: altitude does not agree with me. And altitude sickness sucks. Also that China is trying its hardest to destroy anything of… Continue reading

I’m Going Home

I’m going home for a month and it’s a bit difficult to contain my happiness. China is tough work and it’s safe to say I deserve a goddamned break. I’m going to eat… Continue reading

The Yichun Entries, Part 3

Day 3 (continued) The Stairs to Nirvana We find our way out of the monastery just as a procession of monks leave their living quarters. There has not been a single tourist in… Continue reading

The Yichun Entries, Part 2

Day 2 (continued)  The Illicit Visit Check out Part 1 here! We begin our illicit journey through Wuying National Forest. First, the observation tower. From the first deck, we had a nice panorama… Continue reading