I’m almost exactly halfway through a 2-hour class on a beautiful albeit chilly Saturday morning. The kids have been doing well so far, having loads of fun and I’m feeling perfectly caffeinated. Seems… Continue reading

Strange Buildings of Daqing

Let your mind wander on the topic of interesting architecture. A slew of countries jump to the forefront almost immediately, usually a mixture of historic, picturesque European towns and the vertigo-inducing skyscrapers of… Continue reading

Notes on Drinking Tea in China

“Ok. Fine. Yes. See you at 1:30.” I restrain a sigh of annoyed exasperation, the standard reaction to most things my school asks of me these days. Today, it’s something of a marketing… Continue reading

Deconstructing the Expat Bar

“Like the legend of the phoenix…” Oh god. Great song, but seriously. For the second time, multiple interjections of “Wooo!” emit from the bar as maybe ten or so hit the small dance… Continue reading

5 Expats You’ll Meet in China

What sort of person leaves everything behind to live and work in this beautiful mess known as China? The cast of characters is as varied as the reasons for being here. Walk into… Continue reading

BCD: Photography Phuck-up

That bastard. Dong’an is flashing passed me in a tunnel of red, the shocked faces blending together into one, until they are basically video game NPCs. They are just obstacles. Like the objects,… Continue reading

Unraveling Zen

Zen has become a beloved buzzword in the world of minimalism, so much so that it is often conflated with the word “minimalism” as a synonym. It’s a very easy word to convey… Continue reading

China for Beginners

Exploration tips for first timers in China Traveling around China can fluster even the most veteran of tourists so it’s only necessary to prepare yourself to the fullest before exploring the world’s sleeping… Continue reading

New Teacher? Don’t Worry.

The kids are looking at me. Some expectantly, some on the verge of tears. The Chinese teacher is wrapping up, pointing at me. Jumping Jesus Christ, I’m about to spend the next two… Continue reading