The Perks of TEFL

There are something like 300 million Chinese that are interested in learning English at the moment. Divide them into classes of 30 at the most and what does that give us? A ravenous… Continue reading

On Juggling Work, Passion and Happiness

“I’m going to be productive today. No really, I am.” How often have we told ourselves this before? The premise of this statement alone suggests something negative at its core, even if it… Continue reading

Hong Kong is Not China

“What the hell is going on?” I wondered this aloud on the hotel shuttle from the airport. Something wasn’t right. The driver was staying in one lane as opposed to absentmindedly drifting over… Continue reading

Top 5 Moments in Class, Vol. II

The new term starts tomorrow…yep, you are detecting a bit of reluctance in there. I have enjoyed the hell out of only having one kid to tutor for the past two weeks. Now… Continue reading

Top 5 Moments in Class, Vol. I

Kids are hilarious. This is one solid truth that TEFL teachers from all stripes will most likely agree with. Having been a TA in the US, I can say this is pretty much… Continue reading

The LifeStraw

You check your map again. Something isn’t right. You lost the trail back on that rocky scree, washed away by last year’s winter and the following snow melt. You’ve got about a liter… Continue reading

Weird Stuff My School Does

Teaching English in China is both a figurative and literal goldmine. It gives you the opportunity to explore one of the most complex cultures out there and the perks are nothing to scoff… Continue reading

Heaven in Hong Kong, Hell in Shenzhen

Our holiday during the Spring Festival had many levels. They spanned the most extreme ends of the spectrum. Pure elation. Complete and utter misery. It was all there. For twelve days, we got… Continue reading

I Actually Like China

Okay, so I spent the last month bitching about China. It is an exceptionally different country to live in compared to the near-utopian social democracies of Northern Europe that I’ve called home before… Continue reading