The Yichun Entries, Part 3

Day 3 (continued) The Stairs to Nirvana We find our way out of the monastery just as a procession of monks leave their living quarters. There has not been a single tourist in… Continue reading

The Yichun Entries, Part 2

Day 2 (continued)¬† The Illicit Visit Check out Part 1 here! We begin our illicit journey through Wuying National Forest. First, the observation tower. From the first deck, we had a nice panorama… Continue reading

I Won an Award

What is the Liebster Award? It’s not something given out by a distinguished panel of judges, before you guys thought I had just made it big. The Liebster is an award for bloggers… Continue reading

I’m Going to “Tibet”

What do I mean by “Tibet”? Well, I’m going to what is culturally¬†Tibet, but not what most people know as Tibet, or what the Chinese call the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Basically, I’m not… Continue reading

The Yichun Entries, Part 1

We had a few days off for the May Day holiday and decided to take a 5-hour bus to a blip on the map called Yichun. We heard there were mountains. Trees. Things… Continue reading

10 Habits to Streamline Your Life…Now

Minimalism can be hard. It’s easy to preach it and easy to read it, but the execution is a different story entirely. There are some big decisions to be made. Do you need… Continue reading

Minimalism in China

China. It should conjure up images of enigmatic mountain monasteries, perpetually shrouded in mist, where monks meditate and live only with their robes and rice bowls. It should. Unfortunately, those days are long… Continue reading

An Art Scene in Daqing?

“Yo, Seth-brow. On the 25th there will be an art culture meet-up in Xincun. You should definitely be there.” I stared at the screen blankly. Then, I wondered what the hell kind of… Continue reading

Boring City and Happy You

Oil and water. Hatfields and McCoys. Beer and China. Give me three things that don’t go together. Life in China can be challenging at times for those pretentious expats that look out of… Continue reading