Mindfulness for Health

Hey guys, this week I’ll be letting Kate take the reigns. She’s been back in England for a couple of months now focusing on healing her back. One thing that has really been… Continue reading

An Evening in the ‘Qing, Part II

If you’re into getting the whole story instead of jumping right into the middle of one without context, read Part I first. If not, feel free to continue. “No!” we shout together. “We… Continue reading

An Evening in the ‘Qing, Part I

After several epic rants, some people have been perfectly justified in asking why would I have ever come back to China. And perhaps the more important question is, “Why Daqing?” It’s a small… Continue reading

My Minimalist Apartment

Some of you might remember a video I made a while back of my apartment here in China. Well, the place ended up having a lot of problems despite initially blowing our expectations… Continue reading

America After China

I feel like a dog on crack that can hear a car fast approaching in the distance. About 15 hours into the flight, they finally announce the descent into JFK. Wild by Cheryl… Continue reading

7 Zen Apps I Use

Life is complicated. There’s a lot of shit we need to take care of on a daily bases, and sometimes it’s enough to make me consider drinking baijiu. But it doesn’t have to… Continue reading

Bad China Days: Stranded in Xi’an

By now, most of you probably realize that bitching about life in China is a personal past time of mine. I do it like it’s an Olympic sport, except I don’t have to… Continue reading

A Grand Qinghai Adventure

In case you were wondering, I’m alive. Things I learned in Qinghai: altitude does not agree with me. And altitude sickness sucks. Also that China is trying its hardest to destroy anything of… Continue reading

I’m Going Home

I’m going home for a month and it’s a bit difficult to contain my happiness. China is tough work and it’s safe to say I deserve a goddamned break. I’m going to eat… Continue reading